Shawn Goodwin

As we continue to introduce our valued employees here at Quantum Services, the next we want you to get to know is our Division Manager in training, Shawn Goodwin 

What is your current title and how long have you been with the company?  

Division Manager in Training / 5 months 

What aspects of your job do you enjoy the most? 

Working on my own, not having a boss hovering over my shoulder, however, if I ever had a problem everyone is just one call away and willing to help. 

What drew you to work with Quantum Services?  

The hours drew me in. In my previous jobs, I had to work weekends and holidays.  

What do you believe are the best benefits of working for Quantum?  

Hours, setting your own schedule, and having weekends, and holidays off. 

Describe the company culture. 

Teamwork. Everyone is very helpful when there are questions and always a phone call away. Even if you are hundreds of miles away from your boss, you know they will respond.  

What are some challenges you face within your position and that Quantum faces as a company?
I’d say that within the company-wide spectrum, as we grow, we need to make sure we have enough people to satisfy the client’s needs.  

Describe how employees can grow within the company. 

There is a lot of room for growth and success within the company.  Positions opened in bigger cities and a few different states. Also, if you want to stick to your division there are opportunities to grow as an Audit Supervisor. You just have to make your desire for growth known! 

What makes Quantum Services a great place to work?  

Support, flexibility, teamwork (even from a distance, just to name a few). When I’ve gone out to help with other divisions, I’ve gotten thank you cards in the mail, telling me how they appreciate my effort and thanked my family for the time I gave them. It’s a new concept and something I’ve never come across with previous employers.  

What are some ways you have grown personally and professionally since starting with Quantum Services?  

In this short time with Quantum, I have grown in my confidence and patience.  

What do you feel makes Quantum different from other inventory service audit providers? 

Accuracy, and integrity. I do audits down in TN and they have repeatedly told me their previous audit company would fly through their store within an hour and a half.  They can tell how we strive to be accurate and efficient.  

Describe a favorite story of how you helped a client achieve more by choosing Quantum Services for the auditing services. How did you & the QS Team make a difference in their success? 

More recently, it has been finding products in their storage areas that they didn’t even know they had. Finding the products helped get their inventory a little more accurate.  

We want to thank Shawn Goodwin for sharing what it means to be a part of the Quantum Services team, we are happy he is a part of our team! 

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