Proven leaders in inventory audit services

For more than half a century, Quantum Services has provided the most accurate and consistent inventory audits to leading c-stores across the country. Our professionals complete over 4,000 c-store audits per month to ensure our clients save money through reduced loss and overhead.  

We hire and train our own full-time inventory auditors to provide customized financial, hybrid and item level audits. Our focus on c-stores means we truly understand how important customer service, professionalism and integrity are in gaining your trust and reducing your risk.

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OUR ongoing commitment

Since 1971, our mission and values have not changed. We want to be the best inventory audit service available to the convenience store industry, period. Quantum Services is committed to attaining that distinction by hiring the best people, investing in their training and development, and insisting on the highest level of accuracy and integrity offered by any inventory service in the world.


Training as a strategic priority

Each year, we reinvest more than 5% of every sales dollar into the training and development of our teams. Decades ago, our founder, Ray Crook, hired a management consultant/professor to help Quantum create a curriculum of classes and training that further established us as the premier provider of the best trained auditors in the business. This level of training remains unmatched in the industry.


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