Our teams serve the most highly rated and trusted convenience stores and petroleum companies across the country. From small, family-owned stores to large, publicly traded corporations, we are the c-store inventory auditing firm of choice when it comes to ensuring accuracy and reducing loss.

We understand the unique set of inventory challenges and opportunities faced by operators of convenience stores. Our auditors get to know each client’s needs and concerns and develop dependable relationships focused on integrity, transparency and efficiency. For 50 years, our depth of industry experience and trustworthy work has fostered meaningful, lasting client partnerships unmatched throughout the industry.

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“It’s hard to find vendors you can trust and rely on. Whether it is assured accuracy of the item-level audits or commitment to tracking audit schedules and completion, we can rely on Quantum to ensure we are covered.”
Christine Treese, VP Operations, Sheetz

“Your audit crews have provided the expertise and support needed as we have grown our business and modified our systems to meet the needs of our customers. Your auditors are highly skilled, professional, and provide us with the information needed to help us operate our locations effectively. At Gate Petroleum, we value our long-term partnership with Quantum Services.”

Howard B. Weadon, Director of Loss Prevention, Gate Petroleum

“Quantum satisfies our need for the highest accuracy via their processes, tools, and people. Having up to date technology and well-trained people who really care about Rutter’s business matters to me greatly. The auditors work hard to assure clarity of communication, scheduling, and audit reports. With clarity, we make the most of our time, enjoy greater financial outcomes, and reduce our risk of costly shrink.” 

Jere Matthews, VP Operations, Rutter’s

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