Celebrating 50 years of exceptional service

In 1971, our founder Ray Crook set out to establish an inventory auditing firm unlike any other. He recognized the shifting needs of clients and adapted quickly, from investing in technology to hiring and training the most dedicated workforce. Decades later and with millions of audits under its belt, Quantum Services stands tall with a rich history of focusing its inventory services exclusively on the convenience store market.

Quantum Services History

Quantum through the years


1970s: Roots established

Quantum Services was founded by Ray Crook under the name Accurate Inventory and Calculating Service, Inc. (AICS Inc.) Early clients included A&P, Harts Department Stores and U Totem convenience stores.


In the late 70s, the company started to work with SuperAmerica – a new c-store chain owned by Ashland Petroleum. At the time, SuperAmerica was on the forefront of the convenience store industry, building bigger stores, investing in employees and providing a new experience for customers. The relationship with SuperAmerica proved to be instrumental in the growth and direction of AICS.


1980s: Shifting focus

Ray noticed c-stores required a higher level of accuracy and service due to their 24-hour nature and risk of loss. Many c-store chains were dissatisfied with the audit companies at that time.


In the early 80s, Ray established a new vision for AICS: “To be the best service possible for the convenience store industry. Period.” He re-engineered the company to focus exclusively on c-stores, including creating new audit processes and hiring a full-time workforce with benefits. To differentiate AICS from competitors, Ray changed the company name to Quantum Services in 1984.


1990s: Unmatched people

In the early 90s, Ray participated in an intensive management competency workshop in New York City. He became convinced that Quantum Services needed to make significant investments in the training and development of its audit teams and staff.  He hired a management consultant to help create a curriculum of classes and training to further establish Quantum Services as the premier c-store inventory auditor in the country.


2020s: The highest values

Through the decades, the mission and values of Quantum Services have not waivered.  We are committed to hiring the best people and investing in their training, development and benefits. Each day, we hold ourselves accountable to demonstrate the values of integrity, continuous improvement, adaptability and appreciation in all we do and to all those we serve.

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