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Any inventory service company can count your stock. But only Quantum has developed proprietary systems and reporting that keeps c-stores coming back for decades. Our proven processes guarantee accuracy, instill confidence, build rapport, provide impartial insights into operations, and support a long-term partnership.

We know c-store managers will only take action if they trust the accuracy of an audit. And action is what is needed to reduce loss and increase profits.

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Processes to ensure accuracy & efficiency

Business review meetings are held monthly with clients to ensure their needs are being heard and met. We focus on more than just metrics—we learn what they are working on, discuss how business is going, and offer guidance and support.

Our thorough quality control measures are tailored to the c-store industry and its distinct inventory needs. During audits, a store is broken down into small sections to help us identify concerns and recount if needed. We check audit accuracy keystroke by keystroke, so errors are detected and auditing behavior is tracked.

Our proprietary reporting has been honed extensively and is geared exclusively for c-stores. Detailed reports are customized per client and delivered immediately. From category comparisons and exception reports to retail comparative analysis and special item comparative analysis, our reports highlight areas of concern so action can be taken swiftly.

There is an 83% correlation between shrink and how well-managed a store is. Our inventory auditors not only count merchandise, but they also conduct a thorough, unbiased assessment of your store operations. This can include employee professionalism, store cleanliness and organization, pricing accuracy, vendor procedures, cash and lottery management, and food service sanitation.

With five decades under our belt, we’ve learned the tried-and-true way to conduct inventory audits. We use this repeatable and stable system for every audit and every client in every division nationwide to ensure reliability and consistency. Our 6 Cs include:

  • Clarifying expectations
  • Consistent store layout
  • Counting the store
  • Checking for accuracy
  • Completing the audit
  • Communicating concerns

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