Foodservice trends



Despite a dip in foodservice sales during the COVID-19 outbreak, c-store foodservice profits are expected to rebound in 2021. This time is crucial for c-stores to enhance their foodservice options and keep up with the current foodservice trends to appeal to consumers. This includes food prepared on-site, commissary/packaged sandwiches, and hot, cold, and frozen dispensed beverages. Our society is populated with more time-starved customers who want easy on-the-go meal solutions. Retailers have become aware that foodservice delivers new customers into the store, at a higher profit level.  


What you need to know about the evolution of Foodservice in C-Stores  


What started as a few fresh on-site items has exploded into one of the most profitable aspects of the c-store business. C-stores who have mastered the art of foodservice in their locations reflect a new wave of profitability in the U.S. food and drink retail sector.  

Implementing innovative ideas grows your profits. Many of our clients have seen a large increase in profitability by  

  • Providing name brand foods 
  • partnering with delivery service apps 
  • offering curb-side pick-up for food and beverage items  
  • White labeling products  

 Additionally, applying modern technology and outsourcing auditing lets the store owner remain focused on the consumer and the ever-evolving adjustments needed to stay on top of trends and navigate changes in supply and demand. 

Foodservice Trends to Focus On: 

foodservice Coffee Stations


  • Dense Menu Options. Finding what items customers continue to purchase and offering those consistently while also, purging items that do not sell as much or offer higher waste and little profit.  
  • Healthy Eating. Capitalize on the health and wellness movements by offering healthy food items that are convenient and easily obtainable for customers on-the-go.  
  • Don’t forget Indulgence. Just as important as healthy eating are the indulgent items. These foodservice items (donuts, ice cream, cookies) have always been a profitable area of interest.  
  • Breakfast remains key. Early morning commuters who need a meal will continuously reach for these items. Breakfast has and will continue to be a staple for foodservice in c-stores.  
  • Invest in Coffee and Cleanliness. Coffee and hot beverage stations are a must have when it comes to foodservice in c-stores. Invest in good products and keep the area clean to keep caffeine drinkers coming back for more. Bean-to-cup coffee is a new innovative solution that guarantees a freshly ground and brewed cup of coffee and entices customers to your coffee station with that freshly brewed coffee smell.  
  • Small bites. People are eating smaller meals throughout the day making in-between snacks more important. Fruit, yogurt, nuts, and cheese packs – are all notable examples of small bites that fill you up until the next meal.  
  • CBD infused food and beverages. These items are becoming increasingly popular, especially among Millennials and Gen Z consumers. Having these available adds variety and options for these customers.  

 Inventory Performance  


Store owners need to identify variables in their sales by examining the inventory performance and customer satisfaction to grow their margins and profits. Using Quantum Services to conduct inventory auditing will help identify what is working and what is not. The years of hands-on experience we offer eliminates doubt in determining this dominate data that will ultimately create higher profits and sales within the growing foodservice component of c-stores. Our technology eliminates error in reporting and provides figures that help store owners remain confident in their numbers and therefore, their decisions. Our entire focus at Quantum is providing our clients with accuracy, detail, and peace of mind so that the store owner and staff can focus on what is right for the consumer and for the business. Outsourcing auditing needs will verify what foodservice products will increase profitability and help to create time and focus on implementing new methods to optimize foodservice variety within the c-store. 

Inventory Auditing helping focus on foodservice