quantum grows cstore profits

When convenience stores experience inventory loss due to shoplifting, internal theft or administrative error, c-store profits take a hit. According to recent coverage of retail studies, convenience stores alone experience a shrink rate of about 2% annually. Even with internal measures in place to curb shrink, the help of an external, neutral source ensures stores generate a far greater ROI.

So how can our outsourced inventory auditing service help you to grow your c-store profits?

Proficient people 

We only count c-stores. For 50 years, our processes and technology have solely focused on inventory auditing for convenience stores across the country. We’ve seen it all, and we know how to handle your most complex inventory concerns.

Our people are the best in the business. We hire our own team of full-time, well-trained, background-checked auditors who show up to your store ready to count your inventory methodically and accurately. We work independently to count your store and then immediately share the right data and insights so management can address issues immediately. Our team members build trusting, authentic relationships with your store employees so they can focus on customer service during the counts.

Because we offer a full-service, knowledgeable team, you can reallocate your employees to other positions, saving you time and money. Our team works fast and efficiently and gives you the ability to schedule audits only when you need them. Which becomes a lot less frequently once we ensure your inventory is in order and being accurately managed.

Proven processes 

Our in-house team is outfitted with industry best practices and custom reporting to deliver the data that matters most to you. Because we only focus on c-store auditing, we are constantly learning new ways we can make improvements and work better, faster and smarter.

When we walk into your store to complete an audit, we have a systematic, proven approach to conduct your audit as cost-effectively as possible. Our auditors know where to start, how to progress efficiently and what to look for along the way that might need a second look. Our proprietary reporting is customized to your store and company needs, showing your team the right numbers and any concerns immediately.

Greater profits 

Our results for our clients are consistently measurable and incredibly appreciated. For GATE Petroleum, our outsourced audits relieved their c-store supervisors of extra duties and overtime. And for Sheetz, redistribution of internal resources who no longer had to focus on inventory control resulted in an immediate 25-30% audit cost savings annually. For RaceTrac, their store managers use our inventory insights and reports to make quick decisions to save time and money right on the spot.

With half of a century of c-store auditing under our belt, we are confident in—and extremely proud of—our dedicated people and proven processes. Together, they streamline accurate inventory counts and provide detailed reporting to curb loss and increase profits.