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Since the onset of the pandemic, our country’s labor force has taken a significant hit providing the catalyst of what became known as the Great Resignation, followed closely by the Demographic Drought. In 2023, we are still seeing a vast number of jobs but not enough workers to fill them, impacting all industries across the country.  

Why is this still happening?  

Great Resignation Stats




According to a survey conducted by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, there are several components that are contributing to the labor shortage: 

  • Increased savings. Without the ability to spend money during the lockdown, unemployment funds, and stimulus checks all contributed to a boost in individual savings accounts.  
  • Change in career. Many people also highlighted low pay in their current careers motivated them to acquire new skills and education to re-enter the workforce.  
  • Early Retirement. The pandemic caused the 55+ demographic to enter early retirement and this has remained a trend as we enter 2023.  
  • Affordable and dependable childcare. With a deficit of workers in the child-care industry, families are finding themselves in a vicious cycle. They cannot work without child care, and child care can’t function without workers. This is believed to be part of the reason why women participating in the workforce is at the lowest rate since the 1970s 
  • The bloom of new business. Entrepreneurs across the country became motivated to move forward on their own business pursuits.  

Industry Impact 

Labor force shortage by industry

The wholesale and retail trade has seen the most significant deficit in labor as of December 2022. C-Stores fall into this category. These trades have had notable turnover and staffing issues because of the impaired labor market.  

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